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The Exploration of the Canyons of the Colorado

by John Wesley Powell

There is no hesitation. We step into our boats and push off, and away we go, first on smooth but swift water, then we strike a glassy wave and ride to its top, down again in a trough, up again on a higher wave, and down and up on waves higher and still higher until we strike one just as it curls back, and a breaker rolls over our boat.

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The great unknown of the southwest is conquered by a one-armed man and his crew of adventurers, placing the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon on the map of the American continent. It is a journey no human being had ever made before. Dangerous rapids, narrow canyon walls offering no escape, terrifying river waterfalls, capsized boats, near drowning, lost equipment and disillusioned men are dramatically described by John Wesley Powell, leader of this adventurous party.

John Wesley Powell lost his arm at Shiloh in the Civil War but continued his rugged outdoor life with a series of explorations of the Rocky Mountains. Travel with Powell on his greatest adventure of all – the exploration of the unknown and dangerous Colorado River.

This thrilling work, which precedes the advent of video, demonstrates recorded spoken word at its best. – Audiofile Magazine

Read by Andre Stojka

Andre Stojka, known for his rich characterizations and his creative interpretation of the written word, has been a major voice over actor for over 30 years. His voice is heard in motion pictures, television, radio, videos, commercials and recorded books. Some of his best known voices are the voice of Owl in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh movies and videos, the voice of Ernie Keebler the Keebler Cookie Elf, The King in Disney’s Cinderella videos, and Starlight in the Rainbow Bright television series.

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The Exploration Of The Canyons Of The Colorado
by John Wesley Powell
8 hours 5 minutes
485 minutes
ISBN 978-0-9897655-1-
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Additional Listen2Read Titles