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What Others Have Been Saying About American Adventure Audiobooks:

The Exploration Of The Colorado River And Its Canyons

This thrilling work, which precedes the advent of video, demonstrates recorded spoken word at its best.”  Preview Now »

– Audiofile Magazine

The Cruise of the Snark

For entertainment’s sake, Stojka’s grandfatherly timbre and whimsical tone make the audiobook lively and easy to follow for young listeners. It’s easy to fall into his narrative rhythm, especially with the occasional background sound effects such as birds or splashing water. ”  Preview Now »

– Audiofile Magazine

Death Valley in ’49

It’s an engaging story, and the author offers an intimate glimpse at the travails and tragedies of the pioneers as they moved west in the first half of the nineteenth century. Andre Stojka offers an engaging reading, with a kind of mild, raspy, rural sound that seems entirely appropriate for a man like William Manly.”  Preview Now »

– Audiofile Magazine

Jungle Peace

After WWI, William Beebe headed for islands and other remote areas, such as St. Thomas and British Guiana, to study nature. From the start, narrator Andre Stojka captures the hints of stress that the war veteran must have felt, along with his sense of wonder at the sights and experiences he encountered. The account is effectively punctuated with music and sound effects. Beebe’s descriptions of the movements of leafcutter and army ants are fascinating, even more so as read by Stojka.” Preview Now »

– Audiofile Magazine

Additional Listen2Read Titles