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Lincoln’s Last Hours

by Dr. Charles Augustus Leale

I grasped Mrs. Lincoln’s outstretched hand in mine while she cried piteously to me, “Oh, Doctor! Is he dead? Can he recover? Will you take charge of him? Do what you can for him. Oh, my poor husband!

A young Union Army Doctor attending a play at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. on April 14, 1865, is a witness to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. He is the first doctor to reach the President’s side in an attempt to save his life.  This remarkable narrative has been lost and forgotten for over a hundred years.  It was recently rediscovered and made public.

Read by Andre Devin

Andre Devin has appeared in numerous independent films and stage productions in Southern California, from Shakespeare Orange County to Hollywood’s famous Fringe Festival. His performances as Joey in “The Indian Wants the Bronx” by Israel Horovitz and as Sal in Jim Geoghan’s “Tom and Jerry” were enthusiastically reviewed, as well as his moving performance as A Young Man in in William Saroyan’s “Hello Out There.” He was featured in the world premier of “If All the Sky Were Paper” by Andrew Carroll, at the Waltmar Theatre. Andre is an Irene Ryan award finalist and is a graduate of the Theatre Department of Chapman University.

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Lincoln’s Last Hours
by Dr. Charles Augustus Leale
11 hours 43 Minutes
703 minutes
ISBN 978-0-9913767-8-0
© 2011 Andre Stojka et al.

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