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When young William Manly saved a desperate wagon train in 1849, a pioneer woman looked back at the deathly hot valley she had left and said, ”Goodbye Death Valley,” giving the place its forbidding name. As the now saved families gratefully left the hot desert, on which they had believed they were doomed to die, no  Continue Reading »

Almost Stuck in Death Valley

My car’s temperature gauge was heating dangerously as I pulled to the side of the road just outside Death Valley some years ago. Ahead of us was the endless desert to the horizon. There was nothing there but us.

Are You Looking for the Hottest Place in the World? Go to Death Valley, California

With all the discussion of global warming, a reasonable question to ask is how hot does the world get and where was the record hot spot for all, time. One might  think that the hot spot was in the Middle East or Africa but after some questioning and debate, the World Meteorological Organization has now proclaimed the  Continue Reading »