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Before the invention of the Internet, “Yahoo” was the word used to describe a not very bright, brutish male totally without class. Imagine a group of these “yahoos” on horseback, stumbling into the unexplored wilderness, camping at night, anxious to kill buffalo, hoping to marry an Indian Princess, and you will understand the undisciplined group  Continue Reading »


Green River Wyoming today lures world class bicyclists with tempting mountain trails and spectacular scenery. But in 1868, the bicycle was the last thing on the minds of Green River citizens.  They were excited about the building of the transcontinental railroad, which would cross the Green River near the town of Green River, bringing potential prosperity. The building  Continue Reading »

Welcome to 2013 from all of us at Listen 2 Read Audiobook Publishing

You, our audience, keep us happy researching and recording new audiobooks and we are very, very grateful for your patronage. We love recording audiobooks so when you download our books from or i-Tunes and purchase CD version from, you are really allowing us to do what we love doing. Thanks also for the your  Continue Reading »

Good news from Jack London State Park

Fans of Jack London (including us) have been concerned that Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen, California was to be closed because of California State budget cut backs. Happily, the park, London’s Beauty Ranch,  has been saved by an unusual agreement between the State and the Valley of the Moon History Association where  Continue Reading »