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The brutal murder of the earth’s whale population for many years has had animal rights activists up in arms. Today, most countries have agreed to stop the atrocious killing. Japan, Norway and Iceland are the only three countries which sanction whale hunting. According to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, these three countries kill 2000 whales  Continue Reading »


  The popularity of the Grand Canyon was partially created by a copper mine. It was called the Anita Mine. It was located about 15 miles from the Grand Canyon South Rim and was small but profitable. However, it was difficult to ship the ore from the mine to where it could be processed.    Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday William Beebe

There are scientists who can write accurately but not interestingly to a general public – and there are those who can write interestingly to the general public but whose science is below par. Beebe’s genius was that he wrote scientific works like works of literature –full of passion and drama.

Hike the Grand Canyon On Your Computer!

Amazing! I have just taken a hike down Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon without leaving home thanks to Google Maps.

Are You Looking for the Hottest Place in the World? Go to Death Valley, California

With all the discussion of global warming, a reasonable question to ask is how hot does the world get and where was the record hot spot for all, time. One might  think that the hot spot was in the Middle East or Africa but after some questioning and debate, the World Meteorological Organization has now proclaimed the  Continue Reading »