William Lewis Manly

Now I will make you a proposition. I propose we select two of our youngest, strongest men and ask them to take some food and go ahead on foot to try to seek a settlement, and food, and we will go back to the good spring we have just left and wait for their return. It will surely not take them more than ten days for the trip.

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Death in the desert under a relentless sun. This is an eyewitness account of wagon train pioneer families, who faced the horrifying heat of what is now known as Death Valley, California and survived the ordeal through an act of incredible heroism.

It is also a first person account of working the California gold fields, crossing through the Panama jungle, and witnessing the horror of slavery in America. It is a unique document of history and adventure.

William Lewis Manly lived though these events and wrote a personal account in 1884 so that they would not be forgotten.

It’s an engaging story, and the author offers an intimate glimpse at the travails and tragedies of the pioneers as they moved west in the first half of the nineteenth century. Andre Stojka offers an engaging reading, with a kind of mild, raspy, rural sound that seems entirely appropriate for a man like William Manly.– Audiofile Magazine

Read by Andre Stojka

Andre Stojka, known for his rich characterizations and his creative interpretation of the written word, has been a major voice over actor for over 30 years. His voice is heard in motion pictures, television, radio, videos, commercials and recorded books. Some of his best known voices are the voice of Owl in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh movies and videos, the voice of Ernie Keebler the Keebler Cookie Elf, The King in Disney’s Cinderella videos, and Starlight in the Rainbow Bright television series.


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